28 May. 4th “7th contemporary art fair”

In Taiga the artists who are not satisfied with the actual local situation of institutional dictate will unite again. In participants’ opinion, local institutions do not support young and unknown art and prefer established and successful artists. The Art Fair founders are self-organizing under the slogan: “Small works for small collectors”. And this is how they criticize the actual context of the local artistic world by undermining its authority from below.

The self-initiated Art Fair will take place already in fourth time. It does not have any permanent space, it moves from place to place. The First Seventh Art Fair took place at the Creative space “0+” in March 2017, then – month later at the Gallery “Borey”, and then in the beginning of May – at Gallery “Luda”. Every time artists show their works for the purpose of selling at reasonable prices. And they consider their audience as non-professional wide public.


Alexandr Tsikarishvili, Nestor Engelke, Petr Dyakov, Anna Andrzhievskaya, Nestor Kharchenko, Sasha Zubritskaya, Katya Sokolovskaya, Leonid Tskhe, Ilya Grishaev, Vadim Mikhailov, Zhanna Nagoryanskaya, Alena Petit, Natalya Danini, Aleksandra Gart, Vlad Molchan, Lera Kuznetsova, Tatiyana Chernomordova, Sui Hei, Nikita Kulnev, Darya Volodina, Violetta Pritskau, Aleksandra Kokacheva, Vova Lilo, fedor hiroshige, Maria Nikolaeva, Nikita Seleznyov, Vadim Khokhryakov, Ivan Tuzov, Sergey Tikhonov, Katya Mikhatova, Natasha Tikhonova, Misha Greht, Galya Fadeeva, Sonya Lastochkina, Andrey Andreev, Georgy Khazankin, Egor Shchablykin, Nadya Ishkinyaeva, Vladimir Gorokhov, Anastasia Zhikhartseva, Nadezhda Kosinskaya, Serger Uryvaeyv, Igor Plotnikov, Veronika Rudieva-Ryazantseva, Semyon Motolyanets.

28 MAY, 14:00 — 21:00
Free entrance

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