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22 June — 2 July. To hell with that art

BZMST is the creative association of ex-participants of the PRO ARTE Foundation school program for young artists. In December 2016, the leadership of the this school refused to continue the educational program and conduct a traditional final exhibition.

This marks the end of the two years education. Throughout the course, young artists were engaged in creation of an independent collective art project – The Community. Thus, they wanted to avoid the widespread format of the group exhibition, when the combination of the individual works of art seem artificial and imposed by conditionalities. During summer 2016 the documentation of the joint artistic experience was presented at the exhibition “Bezmestie” at 5th Moscow International Biennial of Young Art. In Saint-Petersburg the project was shown in Luda Gallery in autumn. Within the framework of “the Art-Prospekt” public art festival BZMST worked on “Museum of Self-Organization” project. That was a performance with artists building their own museum of materials and objects donated by local residents.

A year and five months passed and the artists realise that the fuse has dried up, the projects are increasingly dying out at the stage of endless discussion, and the community that they dreamed of building remain an utopia. Nevertheless, the artists decided to do the final exhibition themselves. Spectators are invited to the gala prom night – a symbolic ceremony of transition to the after-school-life.


Vladimir Abikh, Anna Belousova, Alexandr Budaev, Alexandr Veryovkin, Alexandra Gart, Dagnini, Vladimir Kolbatov, Sophia Lastochkina, Misha Pyrkov, Jana Romanova, Sergey Savelyev, Nikita Seleznev, Nikolay Urentsev, Nikolay Chiryatiev.

22 JUNE — 2 JULY
Opening on June 22nd, 19:00
Free entrance