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3 — 6 June. The Bear Festival (Hebeerin)

The series of video based on Inga Shepeleva poems. The project is based on the Yakut mythology and represents the intimate, empirical, bodily experiences of a modern woman, presented to the viewer through the optics of the language and culture of the peoples of the Far North (Indigenous peoples of Siberia). It is the reflection of a person who returned to childhood, to fears and fantasies, which later become a base for the poetic perception of the world. The feeling of being frightened by the primordial chaos of nature, the world of totemism, spirits and vague meanings. Pagan dark forces lead to the growth of the human soul outside the society and cultural context.

The awareness of completely different foundations of the immobile forest, water and snow causes great fear. It forces to return again and again to deliberately simplified images taken from childhood memories and teenage dreams. A girl, a warrior, a hunter, a victim, shown in a clip-like flickering, becomes a hologram of a non-existent hermetic world, the door to which is about to close.

3-6 JUNE
Visiting hours 19:00-21:00
Free entrance

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hebeerin tiser from duraproduction on Vimeo.