Grønland cafe

Grønland is a Scandinavian cafe in Taiga courtyard. The menu features half a dozen of Italian pastas, the biggest falafel in town and a selection of wraps and sandwiches. Ready made lunches are served every working day after midday. Homemade pies, coffee and a wide selection of craft beer are at.

Every day: 12:00—22:00


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Headbusters barbershop

The Headbusters is one true barbershop. Since 2012 the guys have been offering perfect men’s haircuts and classic razor shavings.
The story has begun in 2010 with Bruklig Mark blog — an internet zine about true men’s real life. Then they went offline and out to the streets, carrying the heritage idea: to initiate the culture of barbering, bring in an authentic style and heal the “modern craze”.

Every day: 12:00—22:00


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«8» store

«8» store with a unique choice of contemporary Russian fashion brands is located on 2nd floor of Taiga space. The store’s balcony offers a mind blowing panoramic view of Neva river and Peter and Paul fortress. The assortment includes men’s and women’s clothing basic lines and accessories as well as more underground collections. The prices are moderate. The main criteria for us as buyers is the the quality/authenticity balance of the local brands.

Opened in 2011 the «8» store lived through and participated in the process of Russian fashion design establishment. For the last 5 years the «8» store has been working to support the young brands that have gone from experimental designs to mass production design tracing the positive evolution of the industry. The store contributed a lot to the development of local fashion design. Today the activities of 8-store includes fashion shows and presentations, special photo shootings and PR support for young designers.

Every day: 13:00—21:00


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«Imenno-lavka» store

«Imenno-lavka» is an object design store offering homeware, gifts, ornaments, books and magazines from more than 70 Russian designers with Alexander Kanygin, Alexei Galkin, Maxim Shcherbakov, and brands Luch Design, Archpole, Asketik among others. An educational feature of the project is to make the Russian design accessible and recognisable.

Every day: 13:00—20:00


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4 DOTS store

The 4 DOTS store sells a unique selection of interior design products, which were created in Russia. The store located on the second floor of creative cluster Taiga in a room with antique fireplace and magnificent view of the Neva River and the Peter and Paul Fortress.
Assortment of the store included both – functional and decorative interior items: lamps from natural wood and concrete, stationery, home textiles, design objects from wood, ceramics, glass and metal, porcelain, wall decor, vintage furniture, works of famous russian Illustrators. Also the store cooperates with the fund of social autism of autists – “Anton tut ryadom”, presenting the products of their workshops.

Every day: 13:00—21:00


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