Kaarlo Stauffer

24 August — 3 September. Exhbition “So Close, So Far”

Curator Yana Pitenko

Distance, Borders, Space
Distance between countries, people, objects
Borders, visible, invisible, physical, societal, internal
Space, virtual, personal, public

So Close, So Far — is a dialogue between four Finnish artists, Aino Aksenja, Jarno Parkkima, Kaarlo Stauffer
and Saku Soukka with four Russian Asya Marakulina, Liza Bobkova, Nadya Kosinskaya and Ilya Dolgov.
The exhibition includes photography, installation, painting and video art, portraying personal reflections
and interpretations on the concepts of distance, borders and space.

Aino Aksenia and Asya Marakulina explore existential themes of time, death and loss, creating personal
poetic portraits through installation work. Aino Aksenia builds a “winter garden” creating a personal
jungle in which she can dance and immerse herself in a deep self-searching process. Asya Marakulina
stiches her emotional landscape into a map like pattern of lines and paths creating a curtain that
simultaneously let’s light in and acts as a protective shield.

The works of Jarno Parkkima and Liza Bobkova reflect on the illusiveness of reality and space
highlighting personal vulnerability through the integration of text and image. Jarno Parkkima’s video
combines polemic yet personal texts with image presenting a multi-layered experiential reading of
perception and isolation. Liza Bobkova’s installation connects the distinct and indistinguishable
boundaries between individual and global space.

The paintings by Kaarlo Stauffer and Nadya Kosinskaya can be read as intimate diary like portraits.
Kaarlo Stauffer’s work reflects on the quotidian, images that are drawn directly from his personal
narrative, that also can be read as auto fiction. The dream like landscapes depicted in the paintings by
Nadya Kosinskaya reflect on the fragile interactions between family members as well as her relationship
to the environment.

The works of Saku Soukka and Ilya Dolgov illustrate the complex and multiple readings of the body in
space, highlighting moments of intimacy with the environment. The photographic works of Saku Soukka are
studies of the body in the urban environment, performative interactions inside and outside of
architectural spaces. Ilya Dolgov creates an installation composed of natural materials juxtaposed with
the drawings of the herbarium carefully handpicked by him bringing the outdoor environment indoors.

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Exhibition is organized with support of The Finnish Institute in St. Petersburg


With technical support of Cyland MediaArt Lab