Taiga Space is forced to cease it’s work

Dear friends, with great regret we inform that the space “Taiga” is forced to cease its work. Since September 5, the building will be occupied by an immersive theater, a project of Moscow producers, known for their work on the TV channel “TNT”. The “Taiga” team was informed about the new tenant two days before the end of the contract, contrary to the agreement on its extension.

The exhibition of Danish contemporary artists, which was to open on September 8 with the support of the Danish Cultural Institute, is looking for a new platform.

The 8-store, Nina Shterenberg, Liza Odinokikh and Inspire brands have announces the final sale for September from 13:00 to 21:00. Then the 8 store will temporarily move to the MODUL cluster on Nevsky Prospekt 74. Other stores are in the process of searching for a new site.

FotoDepartament that has recently moved to “Taiga” announced 15% discount for the entire assortment for the period of August 31 to September 2. The organization is also in search of a new site for their educational and exhibition projects.

The large-scale relocation in such a short term is a difficult situation, and we will gladly accept any transportation and loading assistance.

The “Taiga” team wants to express our enormous gratitude to all who supported our independent project for all these 6 years: our tenants, organizers of cultural events and guests of the space. In the near future we plan to continue cultural activities and launch new projects.